Real Women Wearing Ming Wang: TJ Reid

With a background in retail that spans over 53 years, TJ Reid has done it all.  She opened her first store when she was only 20 years old (and owned it for 25 years), has worked for QVC, and written informational books.  But her main focus is yet another venture, and one that she’s been at for over 30 years: her magazine, Fashion Advantage, highlighting small businesses and retailers across the country .

Spending a fair amount on the road, TJ become an avid Ming Wang fan.  “I travel everywhere and I want things that I can roll, pack, and wash easily,” she says.  “I love Ming Wang for the feel, the quality, and that it packs so well.”  Best of all, it’s easy for her to find pieces every season in her “signature” colors, determined from her work as an image consultant.  “Ninety percent of the time I only wear black and white, and accent it with lime or green or red.  I always know exactly what I’m looking for.”  But her biggest fashion addiction is her expansive collection of earrings.  “I have between 125 to 140 pairs at any given time,” she says.  “I buy outfits to go with my earrings!”

As for her independent spirit and entrepreneurial attitude that make her the unique Ming Wang woman that she is, TJ cites her mother as her biggest inspiration.  “I had this relationship with my mom where I talked to her every single day of my life until she died.”

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