Meet our Fabulous Five!

Even as Ming Wang introduces new styles every season, there are still core pieces that remain constant with every collection. The Ming Wang “Fabulous Five” showcases these basics that continue to be staples in every Ming Wang woman’s closet. Timeless, comfortable, and easy to layer and pair with any piece in the current collection, season after season these versatile styles serve as the building blocks of elegance and sophistication. Always in high demand and a great addition to any look, they’re guaranteed to be in-stock all year-round.

Demi. With a job that keeps her on the road, Demi is constantly jetting city-to-city for presentations. Amid an itinerary filled with meetings and dinners with clients and her higher-ups – and the last minute trip at a client’s whim – looking professional from day to night is a must. Low-maintenance and wrinkle-free, her basic tank dress lets her pack light, and gives her endless options. Demi stocks her closet, as well as her suitcase, with this signature item in multiple colors so that no matter where she is summoned or what she’s doing, she knows that looking her best can be fuss-free.

Tess. Tess is always planning her next trip. Whether it’s a cruise with her husband or visits to family scattered across the country, she’s a seasoned traveler that loves simple, versatile pieces that let her pack light. That’s why Tess never leaves home without her classic tank in her suitcase. As a base layer for dozens of outfits, she knows that with the change of a jacket, she can look impeccable, from a leisurely evening on the deck to an elegant dinner out.

Priscilla. Running her own business, Priscilla is always bouncing from meeting to meeting. Whether she’s working with investors, her team, or various vendors, her company is her top priority. But being the boss means that maintaining a look that is consistently poised and professional is just as important. With her classic black pants that add instant polish to anything in her closet, Priscilla’s style is effortless and highlights her confidence as she goes about her day.

Sydney. Sydney is an active member of her community. A regular fixture at benefits for local schools, libraries, hospitals, and more, Sydney is well known in her city. Viewing every outing as a potential fundraising opportunity, she always has to be impeccably dressed. Her basic straight skirt is an easy, flattering piece that pairs with everything in her closet and keeps her looking flawless throughout the day. She knows that no matter who she runs into – or when – she’ll still look immaculate.

Parson. Parson is the quintessential woman-about-town. She can always be spotted at the local country club, grabbing lunch with friends or hosting events with her CEO husband. Looking for something that’s light, tailored, and pairs just as easily with ballet flats and a tunic as it does with a structured jacket and heels, her ankle pants are her go-to for simple, chic style. Parson knows that with this versatile wardrobe staple, she can run around town and still look put together.

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4 Ways to Accessorize your Ming Wang this Summer!

It seems as if summer has magical powers to boost your energy level and spark your creativity… Which is why it’s the perfect season for accessorizing! Summer is the perfect chance to make a classic piece even MORE fabulous with the right accessories!

Check out four of our favorite accessories for this summer season:

1. Jewelry is the classic “go to” accessory women tend to attract to. Jewelry is the perfect accessory because it brings out your personality through your outfit! Everyone has different and unique preferences. Do you mix and match gold and silver at the same time, or go with just one? Either way, by adding your favorite accessories adds major flair to your Ming Wang jacket!

2. Bright scarves are in for Summer 2013, and they make the perfect accessories to throw on any outfit! Although people may think scarves are only ideal for winter and fall, that is false!  You can find light scarves for warmer weather, and they’re also perfect for those breezy summer nights!

3. A simple way to make an outfit pop? A hip pair of Sunglasses! Not only do they protect your eyes from the strong rays, but they are also a stylish accessory to compliment your face!

4. Be bold and accessorize with a headband, so simple yet so fashionable! Headbands also double as a great way to keep your hair out of your face. They are practical for any style of hair- long, short, thin, thick, you call it!

Ming Wang’s “Fabulous Five” core pieces remain constant with every collection, leaving plenty of room for creative accessorizing. Embrace accessories and have fun with them this summer!

Four Fab Trends For Summer

While it feels like Mother Nature has elongated the colder months, summer is surely around the corner. It’s time to shed our winter coats and slip into the latest styles for summer! From rooftop happy hours to family picnics – Summer allows us to be effortlessly chic in fun patterns, fabrics, and accessories.

Here are 4 trends we can get behind this summer!

1. Stripes are a summer must-have. Summertime stripes exude this nautical aura that fills your heart with sunshine and beach waves. It gets pretty cold on the shore, so whether you’re yachting or sipping cocktails in Cape Cod, stay warm with the Ming Wang Striped Jacket. STYLE TIP: Accessorize with gold, nautical themed jewelry! A charm bracelet with an a few anchors and helms would do nicely.

2. Jewelry has taken a turn into simple elegance. As beautiful as the latest minimalist pieces may be, nothing can ever top a chunky gold necklace. Gold ropes and chains are a great way to spice up your basics. STYLE TIP: Make your chunky. gold accessories pop with a monochromatic white outfit.

3. Tis the season for a pair of statement sunglasses. Don’t take this the wrong way! We’ll always be a fan of classic shades like Aviators and Wayfarers, but playing it safe did not put man on the moon! STYLE TIP: Try a pair of shades with a cat eye! It’s one of the hottest styles right meow!

4. Summer is the perfect time get a little whimsical with your wardrobe. Hair accessories bring back the nostalgia of lemonade, jelly sandals, and ice cream trucks. Bring back your girlish ways with barrettes and decorative headbands this summer!

However the dice may roll this summer, embrace the fun and flirty trends of summertime. Do not forget that you’ve been waiting for the sun to shine like this for many, many months!

And remember…

“Style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak.” — Rachel Zoe

How to keep your cool in the summer

Summer sweat drowning you? We all love the summer, but not when it starts to melt you away. Unfortunately, we can’t wear a bathing suit everyday, but changing how you dress can have a great impact on keeping you cool in these summer months.

Some qualities to look for in clothes for the summer are weightlessness and proportion. Look for the right sizes and good fits. Especially around this time of the year, clothes should let more air pass over the body. Choose pieces that pull moisture away from the body and allow moisture to evaporate. Stay away from clothing that is too tight – choose fabrics that graze your body rather than sticking to it.

Colors, colors, colors! We all love them, but some may be friendlier than others in the summertime. White is the most important for summer. It really helps to protect from ultraviolet radiation and keeps you cooler in strong light. White tops are also easy to combine with blue denim jeans, bright skirts, and even neutral pants. Other neutral colors can also be really easy to match back to brights. Look for shades such as eggshell, ivory, and pearls. Stay away from dark colors, especially black, which absorbs light.

Layering is difficult in the summer months, especially when you’re trying to stay cool, but be sure to keep an assortment of versatile pieces in your wardrobe: tanks, t-shirts, flowy dresses, lacey skirts, and cropped pants. Using these separates, keep your outfits simple, but go ahead and show off your bold accessories instead! Another thing to try is monochromatic dressing; it can be really easy and simple to do. Just pick the color you love and wear it in a long or short sun dress.

Paying attention to small details such as color, fabric, size, length, and style can really shape up silhouettes that will keep you protected from that sun. So have fun with your style and keep your cool all summer long!