What’s your shape?

I always tell my ladies that the key element in finding clothes that fit well is to first understand your body. We all know that every woman is different but over time I have realized that more often than not, we sometimes have the same problem areas. This is why I decided to come up with this short mini guide to help you find your body shape and find some jacket that can flatter your figure.

There are five basic body shapes, the hourglass, the triangle, the inverted triangle, the slim rectangle and the wide rectangle. To find out your shape, stand in front of a mirror (in your undergarments). Beginning at your shoulders, outline the outside of your body all the way down to your waist and hips. What shape do you see?

If you say the Hourglass you have a balance figure. Which simply means your shoulders and hips are almost the same width, with a narrower waist.   To show off this figure go for jackets that have a tailor fit and that are in contrasting colors. Jackets with vertical lines will lengthen your silhouette.

If you have narrow shoulders but wider hips you have a triangle shape, which is also known as the pear shape. Create balance by accentuating the shoulders and minimizing the hips choose jackets that have details at the neck and shoulder and stick with darker colors on the bottom and lighter colors on top.  This will draw the eye upwards and away from the hips.


However if you have wider shoulders and narrow hips then you have an inverted triangle. Pick styles with details on the waist like pockets or trim. Wear darker colors on top and lighter colors on the bottom, you want to balance your figure by adding interest to the lower body.  


The next two shapes are very similar with little variation in between. Shoulders, hips and waist are almost similar in width but if you have a slim figure, then you’re a slim rectangle. You will want to choose jackets that have details on the waist to define your waistline. If you’re a rectangle but you’re a little wider, then you’re a wide rectangle. Think long and sleek; go for monochromatic colors and jackets that have details on top to draw the eye up and down.

What’s your shape?