Pink Power

Walkathons are a fun and easy way to show your support. Grab a bunch of friends, family, or coworkers, dress in your best pink gear (by Reebok!), and walk for the cause. Several different organizations sponsor walkathons throughout the year – a few big ones being Avon, Susan G. Komen, and the American Cancer Society. Although it may be too late to walk this year, keep a lookout for them again next year!

Money donations are difficult sometimes, especially when you’re already on a budget. However, there are numerous other avenues by which you can “donate” to help the cause.

Kill two birds with one stone, and do some early holiday shopping. Pick up one of these White+Warren or Lilly Pulitzer scarves for a girlfriend, or dazzle her with some pearls. has an array of pink randomness, and Lord & Taylor’s Project Pink Boutique has a variety of merchandise for different charities. If beauty supplies are more her thing, shop for pink products at sephora or ulta. Or pick up a bottle of Hanae Mori perfume.

If you’re one of our frequent traveler customers, how about picking up one of Tumi’s special pink color pattern accessories this month?

You can’t go without underwear, right? Nordstrom donates $2 for every bra purchased from a participating brand at their Nordstrom Fits America store events. Not looking for a bra? How about a Hanes t-shirt? You can purchase one of the already-designed tees, or even design one yourself. Even better, you can send a FREE virtual package.

While you’re grocery shopping for your necessities, keep a lookout for brands that’re showing their support. If you’re a yogurt lover, save your Yoplait lids and redeem them in support of the fight against breast cancer (and “Like” them on facebook to donate an extra 10cents).

For many more ways to donate, check out the Susan G. Komen list of corporate partners, or just do a general search for products that donate to breast cancer research.

Last, but not least, being aware, sharing the knowledge, and showing your support (are you wearing your pink ribbon today?), are the best ways to do your part in the fight against breast cancer. For more information about breast cancer, please visit the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Wear pink, support the cause

This month marks the start of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Although breast cancer has never affected me close to home, it has affected me in other ways. I like to think of my customers as friends and as friends I hear many stories. Stories of women, who battled, survive and overcame breast cancer. Whenever I style these women I want to make sure that I can match their inner strengths with how they look on the outside. I want them to leave my store feeling good about themselves after everything they have overcome.

This month I want to support these women by wearing pink, and asking all my friends and readers to help support the cause, and wear pink.

How will you support the cause this month?