How to keep your cool in the summer

Summer sweat drowning you? We all love the summer, but not when it starts to melt you away. Unfortunately, we can’t wear a bathing suit everyday, but changing how you dress can have a great impact on keeping you cool in these summer months.

Some qualities to look for in clothes for the summer are weightlessness and proportion. Look for the right sizes and good fits. Especially around this time of the year, clothes should let more air pass over the body. Choose pieces that pull moisture away from the body and allow moisture to evaporate. Stay away from clothing that is too tight – choose fabrics that graze your body rather than sticking to it.

Colors, colors, colors! We all love them, but some may be friendlier than others in the summertime. White is the most important for summer. It really helps to protect from ultraviolet radiation and keeps you cooler in strong light. White tops are also easy to combine with blue denim jeans, bright skirts, and even neutral pants. Other neutral colors can also be really easy to match back to brights. Look for shades such as eggshell, ivory, and pearls. Stay away from dark colors, especially black, which absorbs light.

Layering is difficult in the summer months, especially when you’re trying to stay cool, but be sure to keep an assortment of versatile pieces in your wardrobe: tanks, t-shirts, flowy dresses, lacey skirts, and cropped pants. Using these separates, keep your outfits simple, but go ahead and show off your bold accessories instead! Another thing to try is monochromatic dressing; it can be really easy and simple to do. Just pick the color you love and wear it in a long or short sun dress.

Paying attention to small details such as color, fabric, size, length, and style can really shape up silhouettes that will keep you protected from that sun. So have fun with your style and keep your cool all summer long!