Real Women Wearing Ming Wang: Judy

When her human resources position was eliminated after 20 years on the job, Judy networked her way to her next role.   Now the manager and head buyer for three Hanny’s stores in Rochester, Minnesota, this positive and determined spirit has forged a new path for herself – even on the sales floor.  “I love that time with customers,” she says.  “Being near the Mayo Clinic, I get to meet and talk to people from all over the world.”

And whether they’re local or global, Judy finds that Ming Wang tends to meet her clients’ needs.  “The CFO at Mayo Clinic came in looking to soften her look and get pieces that were corporate yet feminine,” she recalls.  “She’s now a regular Ming Wang customer.”  But Judy’s not surprised by the high demand.  “Ming Wang is elegant but it can also be sporty, and it’s washable, easy, and professional.”  As for herself, she’s still making her own personal style discoveries.  “I have the hardest time shopping for pants,” she laments.  “For my body, wide leg pants fit best but I only found that out within the last year!”

But what makes her a true Ming Wang woman is her commitment not just to her job, but to all aspects of her life.  “I was on my kids’ private school board for six years,” she says.  “It had its ups and downs, but after all that time, I really felt like I accomplished something.” 

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