Meet Sydney

With all the options a woman has in her closet, sometimes nothing says simple elegance like a classic straight skirt. Paired with a blazer for a suiting option or with a lightweight button-down shirt for a comfortable daytime look, Ming Wang’s “Sydney” Skirt is a wardrobe staple for women everywhere.

Sydney Skirt
As one of our “Fabulous Five” basics, it’s guaranteed in stock, in black, all year round. So whether you want to wear it in the middle of summer with a breezy top or in the winter with tights for a polished evening look, you know you have a flawless styling option – regardless of the season.


Stay tuned next month for more on our Fabulous Five!

One thought on “Meet Sydney

  1. I have a black and navy pair of your pants. I first got the black several years ago. I loved them, even though the crouch was a little long, so I later bought a navy pair. They fit perfectly. I recently tried on a white and then a tan pair. They were both much too tight. One of the salespeople said that they have also noticed that you are making them smaller and that they have reported it to their sales rep but the reps deny it. They are definitely smaller!!

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