Happy Hauntings!

Halloween is finally here! If you’re like me, you probably don’t have a costume and you don’t have a clue what to wear. Skip the trip to the Halloween store; instead look through your closet to see what you can find. That’s how I found my costume. With the help of my LBD and some accessories, I decided to let my inner Audrey Hepburn out.

Halloween outfit:

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What will you be for Halloween?

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Pink Power

Walkathons are a fun and easy way to show your support. Grab a bunch of friends, family, or coworkers, dress in your best pink gear (by Reebok!), and walk for the cause. Several different organizations sponsor walkathons throughout the year – a few big ones being Avon, Susan G. Komen, and the American Cancer Society. Although it may be too late to walk this year, keep a lookout for them again next year!

Money donations are difficult sometimes, especially when you’re already on a budget. However, there are numerous other avenues by which you can “donate” to help the cause.

Kill two birds with one stone, and do some early holiday shopping. Pick up one of these White+Warren or Lilly Pulitzer scarves for a girlfriend, or dazzle her with some pearls. Buy.com has an array of pink randomness, and Lord & Taylor’s Project Pink Boutique has a variety of merchandise for different charities. If beauty supplies are more her thing, shop for pink products at sephora or ulta. Or pick up a bottle of Hanae Mori perfume.

If you’re one of our frequent traveler customers, how about picking up one of Tumi’s special pink color pattern accessories this month?

You can’t go without underwear, right? Nordstrom donates $2 for every bra purchased from a participating brand at their Nordstrom Fits America store events. Not looking for a bra? How about a Hanes t-shirt? You can purchase one of the already-designed tees, or even design one yourself. Even better, you can send a FREE virtual package.

While you’re grocery shopping for your necessities, keep a lookout for brands that’re showing their support. If you’re a yogurt lover, save your Yoplait lids and redeem them in support of the fight against breast cancer (and “Like” them on facebook to donate an extra 10cents).

For many more ways to donate, check out the Susan G. Komen list of corporate partners, or just do a general search for products that donate to breast cancer research.

Last, but not least, being aware, sharing the knowledge, and showing your support (are you wearing your pink ribbon today?), are the best ways to do your part in the fight against breast cancer. For more information about breast cancer, please visit the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Natural beauty

There are great women in history who are not only known for the roles they played, but also for their legendary style. I call this jacket my Jackie O Jacket, after Jacqueline Kennedy!  This jacket has a one-of-a-kind collar that lays ever so fashionably around your neck and shows off just the tip of your collar bones. The style looks best when long hair is pulled back off the shoulders, or with short styled hair. The design of the plaid was created to shape and flatter a woman’s upper body. Strong black lines help proportion the body, adding a clearly defined shape, and create the illusion of a waist line. For large-chested women who feel a closed jacket is out of the question – think again!  This pattern was designed to camouflage a large chest when closed.  So give it a try! Ming Wang understands that its customer is very detailed.  That’s why I love the fact that the pattern matches up perfectly at the closure. This jacket can be worn by all ages – to the office, interviews, special occasions, travel, etc. All you need is a pair of nice earrings and you’re set!

Carolyn’s mix and match picks:

How would you wear this jacket?


What’s your shape?

I always tell my ladies that the key element in finding clothes that fit well is to first understand your body. We all know that every woman is different but over time I have realized that more often than not, we sometimes have the same problem areas. This is why I decided to come up with this short mini guide to help you find your body shape and find some jacket that can flatter your figure.

There are five basic body shapes, the hourglass, the triangle, the inverted triangle, the slim rectangle and the wide rectangle. To find out your shape, stand in front of a mirror (in your undergarments). Beginning at your shoulders, outline the outside of your body all the way down to your waist and hips. What shape do you see?

If you say the Hourglass you have a balance figure. Which simply means your shoulders and hips are almost the same width, with a narrower waist.   To show off this figure go for jackets that have a tailor fit and that are in contrasting colors. Jackets with vertical lines will lengthen your silhouette.

If you have narrow shoulders but wider hips you have a triangle shape, which is also known as the pear shape. Create balance by accentuating the shoulders and minimizing the hips choose jackets that have details at the neck and shoulder and stick with darker colors on the bottom and lighter colors on top.  This will draw the eye upwards and away from the hips.


However if you have wider shoulders and narrow hips then you have an inverted triangle. Pick styles with details on the waist like pockets or trim. Wear darker colors on top and lighter colors on the bottom, you want to balance your figure by adding interest to the lower body.  


The next two shapes are very similar with little variation in between. Shoulders, hips and waist are almost similar in width but if you have a slim figure, then you’re a slim rectangle. You will want to choose jackets that have details on the waist to define your waistline. If you’re a rectangle but you’re a little wider, then you’re a wide rectangle. Think long and sleek; go for monochromatic colors and jackets that have details on top to draw the eye up and down.

What’s your shape?


If the jacket fits

Number one reason why I fell in love with this jacket – fit. The fit is very forgiving, and looks great on any shape, age or size. With Black as the primary color, this understated jacket is the perfect style to take with you on any trip – as it can easily be dressed up or down. The novelty collar gives it just the right amount of femininity, as it was designed to be like a portrait collar. It creates a flattering V-neck that instantly brings your attention up to a show-stopping neckline.  The overlapping saddle stitch streaming down the front and back of the jacket help elongate a woman’s torso. For a dressier look, change out a color shell with a black one instead (Ming Wang MS02). To look even more formal, wear it with a long skirt (like the MS30). Also, try it open (unzipped) and style it with a black belt (Brighton stretch belt) above the hip.

Carolyn’s mix and match picks:

  • MCP01, slendersizing pants, with matching jacket and shell
  • Long 50” dress, or MS30 skirt with black shell
  • NYDJ with white shell
  • Maxi Dress by Sandro, clutch by Monsoon

How will you wear this jacket?


Steal her style

Jackie Horan, fashionably savvy and breast cancer survivor. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month I thought Jackie was perfect for this “Steal her Style”.

I met Jackie one day when she stopped by The Bridge Boutique asking if I could help her style models in a fashion show she was helping put together. I later learned that she was not only going to be a model but she was also on the board for the Breast Cancer Awareness society. Ever since the fashion show she has stopped by The Bridge Boutique on various occasions and each time she always look well put together, I decided I needed to share her styling wisdom with my readers.

To get her style, start with a blank canvas like the LBD, have fun with a printed jacket or try this falls must have leopard print! Don’t forget to accessorize with a chain belt.

Style shown: Ming Wang LBD
Ming Wang jacket M3464 and M3526
Belts by Brighton

Would you steal her style?


Long week

This week go long with my jacket of choice. A favorite this season (and a favorite in my closet)! Sophisticated, timeless, and of course, flattering. Most women will gravitate towards the length, and the rest, the natural colors. Due to the longer length, a petite woman may want to scrunch up the sleeves, giving a more proportioned look. Ming Wang is not known for tight-fitted or structured jackets, but they do know how to design a knit that looks like it!

With the use of pattern blocking, each block on the jacket helps shape the silhouette to flatter a woman’s curves. The black knit design around the hips manipulate the eye into thinking your legs are much longer than they really are, especially when worn back to Ming Wang bottoms (the MP03 wide leg pant will dress up the jacket). Mocha, Latte and Black are all neutral colors that can be mixed and matched back to many different looks. These colors pair back perfectly to jewel tone shells. For example: Add a sleek turquoise tank for some color and style (suggested in image: Riviera Ming Wang tank). For bottoms you have the option of Mocha or Black in the Ming Wang Collection.For a business casual look, you can also dress down this jacket with a pair of dressy blue jeans. 

Carolyn’s mix and match picks:

  • MP03 pants, M3329 sweetheart mocha shell
  • MS25 skirt with matching jacket and shell
  • NYDJ, Loss cotton racerback shell
  • Dark washed jeans, M3311 Riviera shell, shoes by Rupert Sanderson

How will you wear this jacket?