Melting in your work clothes?

Burning up in that black suit? Especially in the summer, dressing for work can get frustrating – company dress code limitations on top of high temperatures. But it doesn’t have to be hard to stay cool for work. You should feel comfortable and relaxed, yet still professional. So here are a few tips to follow so you don’t get that embarrassing stare from your boss that says that skirt is way too short!

First and foremost, make sure you know your company’s dress code policy. Then you’ll know what to leave out of your office wardrobe. Even if your company allows you to be business casual, be refined. Be sure your clothes are fresh and ironed. Your choice of clothing can be relaxed, but that doesn’t mean you should be showing up to work in sweats and a t-shirt. If you’re second-guessing yourself about something, then you probably shouldn’t wear it.

In the summer we all like to wear lightweight fabrics, but some of them can be sheer. So ladies make sure that you carry a lightweight jacket with you to put on while in the office.

Too much skin in the office is a no-no. Try to avoid short skirts, tank tops, and low-cut tops; you’re going to get the attention that you want with those, but not the right kind of attention!

Even in these tough temperatures, you can still be stylish and professional. A simple and easy way to stay cool is by layering a great jacket over a LBD or a light printed dress. Choose tops made out of silk, cotton, linen, and cotton blends, and pair it with a pencil skirt; make sure you carry a light cover-up or cardigan with you. A nice blazer can pull any outfit together! Make sure to have basics in light colors, such as white blouses, tops and even pants. Other key separates to look for are short-sleeved jackets, tailored trousers, and skirts, so you can easily mix and match. If you’re allowed, you can even go with long shorts or Capri pants.

So dress to impress in the summer! Show that you can be cool and collective with your wardrobe. And remember, if you’re asking yourself, should I or shouldn’t I, then you most likely shouldn’t. Click on the image below for full image and descriptions.

Make traveling fun again!

Traveling is something that I love.  The whole experience excites me. Being able to visit new places is like a mini vacation in my day-to-day life.

But traveling can sometimes be a hassle. Especially when I’m busy, I travel a few times a month. Though I still love to see new places, I’m tired of airports. Sleeping in airports, waiting for a delayed flight just to have it canceled, and losing luggage, are far from my idea of a restful or enjoyable experience.

So it’s not hard to understand why packing LIGHT is so important. I only pack a carry-on bag for trips of 2 weeks or less. I can arrive at the airport, skip lines, and if the flight is canceled, I’m not stuck waiting to pick up my luggage – or even worse, have to go home without it. About four years ago, I was leaving from LGA to DFW when my flight was canceled for the second time. I will never forget the girl sitting next to me crying because she had her sister’s wedding dress in her luggage, and the wedding was the next day. I know what you’re thinking. Why would she even pack such precious cargo? But it happens every day. Traveling can be complicated if you don’t pack the right way.

Since I started packing smartly, my travel experiences have changed significantly. I was motivated with this rule: think less is more.  I look at my suitcases now and see how much space I have. Everything I pack has to go the distance. The old Carolyn would arrive at her destination and be asked if she was moving in. The new Carolyn gets a high five from her hubby for packing light enough so that yes – here comes the perk – he can carry it for me! (If we’re traveling together of course). 

Whether you are traveling for business or vacation, you want to pack pieces that are versatile and easy to style. Contrary to what most women think, you don’t really need a different outfit for each day. You can look fashionable and fresh by learning what to pack and switching it up so no one knows it’s day three of wearing those blue jeans! So what’s the secret? Pack comfortable, wrinkle resistant, washable clothing. 

I recently went to NYC for four days. Rather than explain my thought process of packing, I’ll just show you:

First, I write out my schedule and check the weather.

Wed: Work 8-3pm, Flight 6-11pm. Visit with best friend that I stayed with… bed by 12:30am

  • Jeans – good-fitting, comfortable
  • Black blazer – MJ50
  • Gold chain
  • Pumps
  • Hoop earrings
  • Airport – changed into my flats



Work 7-12pm, Nails appt. 1-2pm, Shop 2-4pm, PR Meetings 4-9pm, Late dinner with friends

  • Black dress – MD03
  • Turquoise jacket (M3300, Riviera/black)
  • Hoop earrings
  • Flats
  • Meeting -changed into my pumps

Friday: Work 9-2pm, Broadway show 2-6pm, Dinner with friends, and a late night massage in K-town.

  • Black dress – MD03 
  • Pink jacket – M3460 
  • Pumps
  • Pearl earrings
  • Dinner – changed into black tank, same jacket and jeans

Saturday: Brunch with friends 11-1pm. Off to the airport to head home at 3pm.

  • Black tank
  • Jeans  
  • Blazer – MJ50
  • Flats
  • Gold chain

Black dress, black blazer, gold flats and pumps, pearls, silver and gold twisted hoops, long gold chain, two black tanks, pink cotton tank, and jeans. Turquoise jacket, pink and black jacket, pajamas, one black bra, and underwear. I pack all my toiletries in travel cases so I can bring just what I need for a short trip. If I wasn’t being photographed every day I probably would’ve left one jacket home. But I still had extra room in my carry-on!!

How to keep your cool in the summer

Summer sweat drowning you? We all love the summer, but not when it starts to melt you away. Unfortunately, we can’t wear a bathing suit everyday, but changing how you dress can have a great impact on keeping you cool in these summer months.

Some qualities to look for in clothes for the summer are weightlessness and proportion. Look for the right sizes and good fits. Especially around this time of the year, clothes should let more air pass over the body. Choose pieces that pull moisture away from the body and allow moisture to evaporate. Stay away from clothing that is too tight – choose fabrics that graze your body rather than sticking to it.

Colors, colors, colors! We all love them, but some may be friendlier than others in the summertime. White is the most important for summer. It really helps to protect from ultraviolet radiation and keeps you cooler in strong light. White tops are also easy to combine with blue denim jeans, bright skirts, and even neutral pants. Other neutral colors can also be really easy to match back to brights. Look for shades such as eggshell, ivory, and pearls. Stay away from dark colors, especially black, which absorbs light.

Layering is difficult in the summer months, especially when you’re trying to stay cool, but be sure to keep an assortment of versatile pieces in your wardrobe: tanks, t-shirts, flowy dresses, lacey skirts, and cropped pants. Using these separates, keep your outfits simple, but go ahead and show off your bold accessories instead! Another thing to try is monochromatic dressing; it can be really easy and simple to do. Just pick the color you love and wear it in a long or short sun dress.

Paying attention to small details such as color, fabric, size, length, and style can really shape up silhouettes that will keep you protected from that sun. So have fun with your style and keep your cool all summer long!

Morgan Fitzgerald trunk show

Another inspirational and of course fashionable story of the day.

Nancy Pride started off in business in Texas’ Post Oak Mall, selling glass paper weights at a kiosk. Two years later, she opened her own business, Morgan Fitzgerald’s. Now, after 18 years, Morgan Fitzgerald’s carries an array of women’s clothing, accessories, and gifts – including Ming Wang!

Ming Wang has been carried at Morgan Fitzgerald’s practically since the collection was started. But this was the first time Ming Wang was showcased in the Morgan Fitzgerald Trunk Show. Everyone was very excited for this trunk show that took place between June 15 and 16. It was two days of fun, fashion, and Ming Wang for the community and customers.

At the show, a Ming Wang seminar was conducted in front of all the attendees. Following that was a fashion show in which the store owner and the sales associates posed as models. The ladies who attended the show were treated to lunch and dessert, and were given informational packets which outlined the history of Ming Wang. The packets also included information about the benefits of wearing Ming Wang and how to care for its pieces. Sounds productive and yummy! Everyone who attended was even entered into a drawing for a free Ming Wang jacket!

But the highlight of the show was definitely the Fall 2011 line from Ming Wang. It included jewel tones in blue, red, purple, and new additions of tunics and fur. Many of the women loved the jewel tones and were able to see how the latest trends of the fall season were incorporated into this line. Even the customers who were not too familiar with Ming Wang fell in love with the fabric, the easy care of the garments, and the overall look of the line. This was great news for the store, but what’s even better is that loyal customers of Ming Wang continue to purchase new colors and styles to mix and match their existing wardrobe. The owner tells us that women look slimmer, more sophisticated, and more put-together in Ming Wang than in any other line carried by the store. This is a great response for us, but even better for those women who want to look fabulous no matter what size or shape they are!

“The daughter I never had”

Paula & AshleyNothing inspires me more than real women who embrace the struggles of everyday life. They not only embrace but overcome and succeed. That’s what I learned from a very special Ming Wang customer named Paula Morone. She shared with me her very special story and even made Ming Wang a part of that story. I just had to share it with you all!

Paula told me about someone very close to her who, even after much adversity, was able to move on and be victorious in life. Ashley, even after a breakup with Paula’s son, still became a very important part of Paula’s life. Paula, with open arms, had welcomed Ashley into her home and helped her through high school as well as through her journey at Abilene Christian University (ACU). Ashley’s goal was to graduate with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology, continue on to pursue her Masters Degree, and work with children with emotional and behavioral difficulties.

Paula has always admired Ashley for her hard work and her eagerness to tackle any problem while still smiling with a positive attitude. So she was especially honored when Ashley asked her to be a part of the hooding ceremony during her graduation exercises at ACU. Ashley chose to honor Paula as a mentor and as a person who has always encouraged the pursuit of education.

Since Paula was given the honor to “hood” Ashley, she wanted to find something very special to wear. And I was so touched when she told me that the most special thing she owned was a Ming Wang dress and jacket that she had bought from me! She felt like a million bucks both inside and out wearing Ming Wang, on the very day that she was celebrating the accomplishments of her best girl. She even sent me pictures of them on the day when Ashley received her degree. Ashley, we’re proud of you for your achievements. And Paula, we’re proud to have you as a member of our Ming Wang family!