Full Figure Fashion Week!

From June 16 through 18, a fashion week took place in New York City like no other. A fashion extravaganza for the real woman: the full figured woman.

Full Figured Fashion Week was hosted in NYC by DeVoe Signature Events; it was a time and place for different designers, retailers, business owners and even consumers to get in on the latest fashions of the plus size fashion industry. And Ming Wang was there to witness it all!

We met with many great real women who came to observe and get to know the Ming Wang line. Not only did the women enjoy seeing so many outlets of plus size fashion, but we also enjoyed getting to know them and all their concerns. Here at Ming Wang, that’s what we’re all about – the real woman! So we really wanted to attend and take advantage of this opportunity to hear from all the lovely ladies out there who want to be fashion forward, no matter what size they are!

Having pet hair blues?

Love to cling to your pet but not to their hair?

We’ve all been there. You’re decked out in your favorite outfit, just about to step outside for that special occasion, and you try to avoid your pet (and anything it’s touched) as much as possible. But of course, you have to give them one last hug before you leave…and a layer of hair instantly transfers over to you.

But it’s actually not difficult to keep that hair out of your clothes or furniture. Take some preventive measures and use some easy tricks to get the hair out fast. Groom your pets often to make sure they don’t have loose hair. Always make sure to put your clothes away from your pets – cats, especially, love to relax on clothes for the warmth. Don’t give them that opportunity!

One really simple way to keep hair from shedding while you’re petting them, is by dampening your hand with water to weigh down the hair. It makes your pet’s hair heavy so that it won’t fly off at your touch.

If you’re already covered in pet hair, rolling sticky lint removers are a quick way to get the hair out of your clothes in time for the office. If you don’t have a lint roller or brush handy, you can even use duct tape or masking tape. Scotch tape also works (albeit quite slowly).

At home, you can use different types of gloves to ball up and get rid of any pet hair. A glove with a rubber palm will work really well to collect the hairs from wherever they may be. Vacuuming regularly can also be a good way to keep loose animal hairs out of your home.

If worse comes to worst, at a kid’s birthday party, take an inflated balloon when no one’s looking. Just rub the balloon across the surface with the hair, and the static from the balloon will attract the hair. It’s as easy as that! Just make sure you return the balloon back to the kids.

So keep your furry ones close, and keep their hair…not so close.

Summer Fun, Here We Come!

This week let’s take a break from talking about fashion and let’s enjoy the summer with some fun activities for the whole family (and lets not forget about the family pet)!

With summer officially here, it’s time to have some fun in the sun! There are so many great activities that can be done in the summer with the family. But don’t forget about your pet either. A man’s best friend should be taken care of!

Don’t you feel bad when you’re off at that picnic or water park, and you can’t take your pet with you? Well now you can have your summer fun and include your pet in so many activities too! And it doesn’t have to be a hassle; you can make it really easy. Pets, especially dogs, love to be outside. So try and find a community pool or a local beach that allows pets. Take your dog swimming. They love water and will have a lot of fun splashing around. Botanical gardens can also be a great outdoor adventure for the whole family. Go and look around at the beautiful flowers blooming. Even a game of hide and seek can be really enjoyable to play with your pets. Tell your pet to sit and wait, hide somewhere, and call out to them. They’ll have fun trying to look for you and you can even get a little workout going. Block parties and neighborhood parties can also be a good way to get all of the neighborhood pets together for a day of playing catch or Frisbee – just make sure to call beforehand and make sure pets are allowed.

But even if you don’t have a pet, you can have tons of fun with family in the summer. Parks are a great way to just get outside, soak in the sun, and get some fresh air. You can play sports with the kids, just walk around, or throw a picnic. Catching a summer family flick can be a great way to bond, and just laugh or cry with each other. Go window shopping! Instead of buying your kids whatever they want or arguing with them, play a game of I spy. Go to different store windows and ask your kids to point out certain objects. But no matter what, do everything together. Because that’s the magic of summer. Use these summer months to get outside and enjoy the warm weather. And what better way to do it than with your whole family, even the furry ones!


All about the family

Family means: fun and love. Family relationships don’t just have to be through blood. Here at Ming Wang, we consider all the members of our team to be very close, just like a family! And family definitely doesn’t exclude pets. In fact, we love our pets so much that this week is bring your pet to work week! We want to see your pets too, so send us an image of you and your beloved pet! Who’s in your pet family?


Me and Ziggy!

Me and Ziggy!