Brighten Up Your Day with Our Vibrant Spring Knits

Spring has sprung! Let the sun shine in by letting your outfit match this beautiful season with Ming Wang’s stunning jackets. Pair them with the classics at an outdoor cocktail party, or layer them atop a casual t-shirt and jeans when temperatures start to rise.

Don’t be afraid to pair the darker jackets with a colored pant for a fun, luxe look.

Ming Wang M6479AC Seaspray Jacket (available at Dillard's)
Find this outfit: Ming Wang M6479AC Seaspray Jacket
(available at Dillard’s), Print T-Shirt, Jeans, Shoulder Bag,
Necklace, Stud Earrings, Gold Bangle, Espadrilles, Fun Phone Case.

M6481ACstyleFind this outfit: Ming Wang M6481AC Navy/White Jacket
(available on,
Pink Sleeveless Blouse, Pinstripe Pants, Tote Bag, Star Earrings,
Sunglasses, Gold Watch, Pearl Bracelet, Color Block Pumps.

M6503ACstyleFind this outfit: Ming Wang M6503AC Ultramarine/Fern/Black/White Jacket
(check your nearest Ming Wang retailer for availability),
Black Blouse, White Trousers, Statement Necklace, Sunglasses, Rose Earrings,
Crossbody Bag, Wrap Watch, Espadrille Wedges.

M6542ADstyleFind this outfit: Ming Wang M6542AD Black Vest
(check your nearest Ming Wang retailer for availability),
Printed Blouse, Blue Crop Pants, Pink Tote, Double Necklace,
Fedora, Two Tone Cuff, Apple Watch, Wedge Sandals.

M6419ADstyleFind this outfit: Ming Wang M6419AD Dolphin/White Jacket
(available on, White Shirtdress, Blue Scarf, Shoulder Bag,
Drop Earrings, Cuff, Bracelet, Sunglasses,Espadrille Wedges.

Electrified Elegance

Amping up your look for spring should be fun and simple. These brilliant colors work perfectly with the neutrals you already have in your closet, and add a very wearable, electrified elegance to any outfit.

M6467ACstylingFind this outfit: Ming Wang M6467AC Flamingo/White/Black Jacket
(available on and at Dillard’s), Sleeveless Eyelet Shirt, Jeans, Shoulder Bag, Sunglasses, Stud Earrings, Gold Bracelet, Gold Necklace, Espadrilles.

M6471ACstylingFind this outfit: Ming Wang M6471AC Hyacinth/Seaspray/White/Black Jacket
(available on, Dillard’s and Von Maur; also available in Petite and Women’s sizes), Cropped Sweater, Lace Skirt, Handbag, Tassel Necklace,
Drop Earrings, Rose Gold Watch, Taupe Sandals.

M6492ACstylingFind this outfit: Ming Wang M6492AC Electric Pink/Black/White Jacket
(available at Dillard’s, and similar at Von Maur in Missy, Petite, and Women’s sizes),
Denim Shirt, Wide-leg Trousers, Printed Scarf, Pendant Necklace, Sunglasses,
Handbag, Watch, Platform Wedge Sandals.

Sophistication At Its Boldest

We know the Ming Wang lady loves her bolds and brights – they add pizzazz to any outfit. The perfect bold and bright look is also elegant in design and easy to wear. Where would you take these looks?

M6420ABstyleFind this outfit: Ming Wang M6420AB Dolphin/Black Jacket
(available on, Shortsleeve Top, Culottes, Loafers, Shoulder Bag,
Stud Earrings, Gold Cuff, Statement Necklace, Gold Watch.

M6432ACstyleFind this outfit: Ming Wang M6432AC Sunshower/Sand/White/Black Jacket
(available on, Sweater, Button Down Shirt, Suede Skirt, Handbag,
Animal Print Pumps, Drop Earrings, Skinny Watch.

M6483ACstyleFind this outfit: Ming Wang M6483AC White/Navy Jacket (available at Dillard’s),
T-shirt, Pleated Skirt, Floral Scarf, Shoulder Bag, Cutout Sandals,
Navy Watch, Hoop Earrings, Crystal Necklace.

Introducing: Ming Wang’s Modern Basics

Introducing Ming Wang’s Modern Basics – an exciting, new collection comprising a selection of pants, and tops in woven fabrications. These basics can be easily paired back to your favorite Ming Wang pieces, providing a modern and effortlessly updated look.


Shown above (l-r): MB003606, MB001606, MB002606

Wear with your favorite Ming Wang pant or legging for clean and polished look. Find them here and here.


Shown above (l-r): MT001605, MT003605, MT002605

Add these black, layering tops to perk up any outfit. Find them here and here.

Find these at select stores in February for Spring 2016.

Celebratory Chic: Get in the holiday spirit with dazzling reds and festive glamour

Make an entrance at your next holiday soiree with Ming Wang. Steal the show with gorgeous looks that will both flatter and brighten up the holiday season.

M6296ACstylingFind this outfit: Ming Wang SAPPHIRE M6296AC Black Jacket
(available at Dillard’s in Missy and Women’s sizes), Dotted Blouse, Midi Skirt, Bucket Bag, Cut-out Pumps, Necklace, Pearl Bracelet, Cuff, Ring.

M6302ADstylingFind this outfit: Ming Wang M6302AD Holiday/Black Jacket (available at Von Maur in Missy and Women’s sizes), Sleeveless Top, Long-sleeve Basic Shirt, Jeans, Gloves, Shoulder Bag, Boots, Tassel Necklace, Chandelier Earrings, Watch.

M6310ACstylingFind this outfit: Ming Wang M6310AC Holiday/Black Jacket (available at Von Maur in Missy and Women’s sizes), Turtleneck Sweater, Floral Pants, Scarf, Drop Earrings, Large Tote, Loafers, Watch.

M6315ABstylingFind this outfit: Ming Wang SAPPHIRE M6315AB Bordeaux/Black/Silver Jacket
(available in Missy sizes at your local Dillard’s or a boutique near you),
Lace Dress, Shoulder Bag, Bow Pumps, Statement Necklace, Stud Earrings, Bracelet.

Gina’s Journey: Faith and Survival

Gina Story 2My journey began in 2007 when laughing with a colleague, I got severe
pain in my side, behind my breast. I couldn’t really put my finger on the
location. I couldn’t breathe and the pain was excruciating. It was a
pulmonary embolism; blood clot in the lower lobe of my lung.
There was no explanation for this. I was a healthy 46 yr old mother of 3,
who was physically fit, without a significant family history. I treated with
blood thinners…initially injecting myself in the stomach twice a day and
eventually, ingesting pills to ensure all blood cells were swimming freely
through my veins. This went on for a year…still without any explanation
about where this clot came from and why. At the conclusion
of this treatment protocol, discussing the next steps with my primary care
physician, his suggestion was that we could keep an eye on things and I
could move on with my life or I could consult with a Hematology Oncologist;
a cancer doctor with a specialty in blood disorders. I needed an answer and
I was determined to search until i got it! Of course I was going to consult
with this specialist. It was this appt. that would change my life. My Dr. told
me that I had all of the markers for Multiple Myeloma. My first response
was …what the heck is MM?
Multiple Myeloma is a cancer of the bone marrow; a blood cancer.
My world changed forever. My next conversation with my husband and
family was about what the next move would be. I am a product of parents
who raised me to face my challenges and deal with them head pull
up my “big girl panties” and handle the situation. It was time for action. A
second opinion, reaching out to any and all of my colleagues in the medical
industry for insight, and to the Internet for answers. That was probably the
worst place for me to go. At that point, too much information is not always a
good thing. It might as well have been Chinese. The medical terminology is
mind boggling. The worst case scenario can always be found. After
doing my research about treatment facilities for this MM, the decision was
made to seek treatment in Little Rock, Arkansas.

My husband and I moved to Little Rock from Jan 1, 2008 to the end of June
of that same year.The experience within that 6 mos was one I would never have imagined. I won’t recount the gory details of the most grueling and physically
challenging treatment I’ve ever had. What I do want to share is the
opportunity God gave me to be a witness to His grace and mercy. What I’m
proud to share is that my God never left me…He would never forsake me. I
am so fortunate to have a loving and supportive husband who found us a
place to live, navigated through the maze of insurance issues and wet
wiped every chair and door knob before I touched it! God sent that man to
me…over 20 yrs ago…because He knew what… and who I would need in
2008. That’s how good and omnipotent He is!
What I share with you today is that faith… the size of a mustard seed.. .can
move mountains. It’s like a muscle that must be exercised.
My husband named the toughest days of this journey, the “valley” days.
There were plenty of those. To be physically at ZERO… No immune system
and no strength… I prayed the Footsteps prayer. I asked God, many times,
to pick me up and carry me… and I knew that He would.
I often times told others that having cancer isn’t such a big deal. It’s the
treatment that’ll take you down. I had what was called a Tandem Stem Cell
Transplant. I received significant doses of chemotherapy; what I call the
“good poison”, had my red and white blood cells harvested through a
process called Apheresis, more chemotherapy and then a transplant where
I received my own previously harvested blood cells. It was called tandem
because the process happened twice. Back to back. March of 2008 and
again in April of 2008. Those would become My new birthdays! Just as I
was beginning to feel like maybe I wouldn’t die after the first transplant
process, it was time to start it all over again. I officially achieved Remission
status in 2009. I then continued Maintenance treatment for the next 3 yrs.
after coming home; every Friday a small dose of chemo to ensure any
errant cancer cells would be destroyed. We hit it hard; fast and furious. My
cancer treatment would officially conclude in December of 2012.
What I bring to you today is my expression of joy that I chose to honor God
because of this diagnosis, and not to curse Him. I did have a choice!
Because of the choice I made, the ripple effect has had exponential impact.
We all have choices.

My testimony is that because of the investment of time and energy and
experience, I have extended family in Little Rk, Ar. Whom I have come to
love and cherish. My love for God has truly enriched my life. I live with a
perspective that can only be understood by some. I’m thankful every single
day He allows me to wake up and approach the day with an intent to be
better than I was yesterday. He’s blessed me with the opportunity to speak
to others who may be facing their own cancer journey, to give them
encouragement or just be a sounding board for their fears, anger or
confusion. Sometimes I’m the voice o f empowerment because you MUST
be your own best advocate! I’ve always sung in church but I’m told that I
now sing with a new voice…a more passionate voice and I’m truly joyful
when I sing. It’s not about sickness. It’s about healing and faithfulness and
the power of prayer!
The body is an amazing temple of God. Its resilience and restorative
powers are phenomenal. I am stronger now, at 54, than I’ve ever been. I’ve
participated in the Ride for Roswell for the past 5 yrs, not only riding my
bike 30 miles for the fundraising event, but have been ranked in the top 25
(out of thousands of riders) each year, for funds raised. The opportunities
have been bountiful and I continue to embrace them!
This experience has impacted all of those who are close to me. I had a
team of Prayer Warriors; steadfast and committed. Being away from my
family, friends, church family and colleagues for 6 months was so very
difficult. It was the path I chose and it was necessary so that I can share my
perspective regarding His mercy and grace with others. My Caregivers; my
husband Greg… my mother Johnnie, were God’s angels on Earth, sent for
me. Our lives have been forever altered.
I’m a Survivor and I celebrate all of those…too many, who’ve gone before
me who have lost their battle. I’m a blessed Child of God.